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About BB Web Design Group

Years ago, I joined a renowned local Southern Gospel quartet called The King's Messengers Quartet as their pianist.  At the time they had no website, and I had no experience whatsoever in building and designing one, so I set out to learn how.  I found a freeware version of an HTML editor that allowed me to learn a bit about what each HTML tag meant in code and what each one did on a page.  I used that editor to build my first website for The King's Messengers back in 1999.  Since then I moved on to learning Java, dynamic HTML, digital photo editing, audio editing, and everything else involved in the website building and design process.

That was in the early stages of this budding business.  In the past year I have delved into MySQL database and PHP applications, which opened up limitless possibilities in designing.

We have a multitude of ready-made templates to choose from, or you may opt for a custom designed website.  At this time we are developing a few package deals to fit your ministry or business needs, so check back often for updates on our services page.

On a personal note...

In addition to being a photojournalist so to speak for everyone in the BB Web family, I love to photographically record all of my own family's events for posterity.  To show off one of the newest featured elements available for your website, I have assembled my own photo gallery for everyone to enjoy.

Click here for The Glenn Family photo gallery!
Our old gallery will eventually be transferred to the new gallery, but in the meantime it can be seen here.


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